3 Signs You Need Rehab For Your Alcohol Addiction: What To Know


Are you starting to wonder if your drinking has become an addiction and if you need professional help to treat the problem? If you are wondering at all, and your drinking scares you or concerns you, you want to reach out for help before something terrible happens.

There are many irresponsible, life-threatening and dangerous things that can happen when you're under the influence of alcohol, along with the long term health risks. Here are a few things you'll want to look for to know if you need help.

You Can't Stop on Your Own

Have you tried to stop yourself but you don't have the willpower or the strength to do it on your own? It's ok to admit that you need help letting go of your addiction, and most people aren't able to fight addiction on your own. If you have tried to stop drinking multiple times without success, its time for professional help.

You Have No Support

Do you have people around you that encourage you to quit drinking or that support you in your quests for sobriety? If not, and if you are surrounded by people who drink it may be difficult to stop. With inpatient rehab you can get support around the clock, and with outpatient rehab you can meet with someone daily or weekly as you need to continue your treatment and to continue to get support.

You Don't Recognize Yourself

Are there days when you wake up and you don't recognize the person that you have become, and the things that you've done because of your addiction? Are you wondering how you have gotten this way, and realizing you're losing friends, family and other people in your life? Become the person that you want to be, and not the person that is controlled by addiction.

There are many different treatment options at rehab facilities for people to try. Some people may only need inpatient rehab for 30 days, and others may need to be inside a facility without temptation for longer until they have the ability to fight their addiction. If you aren't sure what type of rehab you're comfortable with, you may want to meet with a counselor and sit down in a meeting to see what you like. Talk with a rehab facility, or go to website, to see what plans they offer, and if your health insurance will cover the costs for treatment. 


9 February 2016

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After my life spiraled out of control a few years ago, I realized that I needed to find a little help. I went to counselors and talked with them about my treatment, but ultimately I needed to find someone who could help me to help myself. Finally, after visiting several different places, I was able to find a counselor who specialized in self help. She talked to me about how to cope with problems when nobody else was around, and it was incredibly helpful. This blog is all about learning how to handle emotional trauma, even when you live alone and don't have time to see a counselor.