3 Signs You Need Rehab For Your Alcohol Addiction: What To Know


Are you starting to wonder if your drinking has become an addiction and if you need professional help to treat the problem? If you are wondering at all, and your drinking scares you or concerns you, you want to reach out for help before something terrible happens. There are many irresponsible, life-threatening and dangerous things that can happen when you're under the influence of alcohol, along with the long term health risks.

9 February 2016

Three Ways To Avoid Enabling An Alcoholic


Loving some with someone who struggles with alcoholism can be challenging, especially if the person isn't yet ready to change his or her ways. Although you can always consider the option of distancing yourself, it's important that you take the right approach if you choose to remain active in the person's life. Asking the person to seek help is ideal, but if the person doesn't accept this idea, it's time for you to begin making changes to how you interact with the alcoholic.

28 July 2015